A 4/20 message from the other side of the counter


Andrea Doyle is a co-founder of the cannabis event company Ashe Lounge who also works in a dispensary. She was doing that on the High Holiday, 4/20 and like many dispensaries, hers was laid low by the horribly timed outage of cannabis commerce vendor Dutchie. MiCannaTrail FULLY endorses this message and reminds all of you that the people behind the counter are not the ones making big money in cannabis – please tip them well!!

Yoooo Dutchie – I know you’ll be doing damage control with all the owners and operators and the big important people this week.
But y’all need to at least apologize to all the employees.

We took on a lot yesterday. We had to listen to customer after customer say “this is ridiculous” under their breath.

We had to watch people walk out without tipping because they were in line so long.

We had to giveaway extra freebies to keep people happy.

It took one man at least a hour to buy two bags of gummies. He wanted more, but I couldn’t get into the back office to get him what he wanted.

We were calculating sales tax and discounts on scratch paper at one point.

I know things happen. And people just suck sometimes. But this happens every year, so I feel like y’all can improve? Dutchie and customers alike.

Dutchie – Instead of sponsoring events and panels for absurd amounts of money, maybe you should be investing that money into your infrastructure.

Customers – be patient. You chose to shop on the busiest day of the year. And for the love of god, tip your budtenders. We gave the best service we could yesterday and the tips do not reflect how hard we worked.

Going to work another 12 hour shift today so I can pay my taxes I guess. #americandream