Ganja Joe Biden

Biden Announces US Officially Moving to Reschedule Cannabis

Marijuana Moment shares that President Joe Biden has announced that his administration is officially moving to reschedule marijuana under federal law.
Ironwood Aurora Borealis by Aubree Herrick

All of Michigan could see Northern Lights tonight!

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The NWS/NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center is the governmental agency tasked with keeping track of solar storms and there is a doozy bearing down on us tonight!!
Weed by the Woodstove by Dip Devices

Better Access to Cannabis equals Better Mental Heath

Dana Smith of has an excellent deep dive into a recent study that sheds new light on cannabis, chronic pain, and mental health
New DEA Logo ... probably

Cannabis to be Rescheduled by the DEA

Yesterday afternoon, the canna-world caught fire as the Associated Press broke the news that the DEA will be rescheduling cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III.

A 4/20 message from the other side of the counter

Andrea Doyle is a co-founder of the cannabis event company Ashe Lounge who also works in a dispensary. She was doing that on the High Holiday, 4/20 and like many dispensaries, hers was laid low by the horribly timed outage of cannabis commerce vendor Dutchie.

Cannabis Icon John Sinclair passes on at 82

It's with a very heavy heart that we share the news that poet, musician & cannabis activist has died at age 82.

Better not use Better Made to sell cannabis!

Better Made Snack Foods is suing a number of Michigan companies for copyright violations over the use of its trademark marijuana flowers and edibles
Eclipse Series by Ian Parker

See the April 8th Eclipse … in Michigan … sort of

Information about the tiny sliver of Michigan where you can see the whole eclipse in on April 8
313 Day Detroit

313 Ways to Make Your High Better in Detroit

For 313 Day this year, MiCannaTrail is asking for 313 Detroit things that make your high better! You can email them to us or drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram posts. We'll compile them all and try and find a cool prize to give one of you who shares this something cool from the D!!