Licensed Cannabis Businesses in Detroit

A list of Detroit marijuana dispos!!

A 4/20 message from the other side of the counter

Andrea Doyle is a co-founder of the cannabis event company Ashe Lounge who also works in a dispensary. She was doing that on the High Holiday, 4/20 and like many dispensaries, hers was laid low by the horribly timed outage of cannabis commerce vendor Dutchie.
Moses Roses Detroit Grand Opening

Calyxeum opening Detroit Dispensary on 4/20

Calyxeum, a Black women-owned vertical cannabis company will be opening its first dispensary in southwest Detroit this Saturday, April 20th with deals, a live DJ, free food, and comedy.

Pleasantrees Opening Michigan’s Largest Cannabis Dispensary this weekend

Pleasantrees officially opens their 9000 sq. ft. facility at the old Gibralter Trade Center in Mt. Clemens on March 29th.
Vanishing Medical Cannabis Green Cross

Will Michigan’s Medical Cannabis Market Disappear?

The Green Market Report shares an excellent in-depth exploration of Michigan’s vanishing medical marijuana industry.
Nuggets Canna Co Ypsilanti

Five Things you need to know about Nuggets Canna Co.

Nuggets is located directly across from Eastern Michigan University and owned and operated by caregivers, growers & cannasuers.
Cannabis Lab by Girl with red hat

Just how potent is that Michigan marijuana anyway?

Some in Michigan cannabis industry allege questionable conduct by marijuana growers, producers and testing labs.
Michigan Cannabis Sales on 420 2023

Michigan’s 4/20 Sales Keep Getting Higher

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The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency shares that 2023 cannabis sales on the "high holy day" 4/20 were nearly $5 million over the total sales on April 20, 2022.