Are there REALLY more cannabis dispensaries Than McDonalds in the US?


In the US there are now more cannabis dispensaries than asks True or False? – There Are Now More Dispensaries Than McDonald’s in America, Yet Cannabis is Still Federally Illegal? You will probably win money with this bit of trivia because in an informal test, three out of three people guessed FALSE. The article explains:

The majority of Americans now live in places where marijuana use for recreational purposes is legal, reflecting a significant shift in public opinion toward the drug over the previous 10 years. It took just twelve years for this to change when recreational cannabis became legal in Colorado and Washington.

55% of people live in places where it is legal to consume marijuana recreationally, according to Pew Research Center. Additionally, the survey shows that 74% of Americans reside in places where marijuana is lawful for either medicinal or recreational use, with California setting the standard by being the first state to legalize the drug for medical use back in 1996.

The paper makes a noteworthy discovery on the widespread existence of cannabis outlets nationwide. Their number of such establishments is close to 15,000, more than McDonald’s, which had about 13,500 locations countrywide in 2023. This highlights a significant change in the purchasing habits of Americans.

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PS: I have a free joint for the person who can tell me how many McDonalds there are in Michigan and how many medical & recreational dispensaries there are in Michigan (and you know, be correct about it).