MJ Unpacked Detroit

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The MCT is at MJ Unpacked Detroit and will be sharing a bunch of updates & observations here and on our Instagram @micannabistrail.

Get Ready for CannaCon Detroit 2023!

CannaCon is targeted to those who would like network with like-minded entrepreneurs building the cannabis industry.
Cannabis is Welcome in Pure Michigan

Will Indiana remain a big driver of Michigan cannabis?

The Michigan Cannabis Trail's Andrew McFarlane talked with's Vic Ryckaert about Indiana's continued resistance to legal cannabis and how that impacts Michigan.
Vape Trash

42 Degrees taking on vape waste

Michigan has the second biggest cannabis market in the entire country, but the growth has brought waste and negative environmental impacts that a Michigan business is trying to solve.
Cannabis Lab by Girl with red hat

Just how potent is that Michigan marijuana anyway?

Some in Michigan cannabis industry allege questionable conduct by marijuana growers, producers and testing labs.


CannaCon Detroit Official Afterparty at 29thirty

CannaCon Detroit Official After Party ~ Friday Oct 6th in Detroit

Cannabis Counsel, Alpha Buds & Custom Cones USA invite you to 29Thirty for the Official CannaCon Detroit After Party from 6pm to who knows!

Women in Cannabis Networking ~ September 8 in Grand Rapids

This fun and casual networking event followed by an after party is a chance to meet like-minded women in & around the cannabis business who want to help each other excel and succeed.
MJ Unpacked Detroit ~ October 10-12

MJ Unpacked ~ October 10-12th in Detroit

MJ Unpacked is a distinctive event for nationwide license holders and accredited investors to connect, collaborate, and prepare for expansion.
Cannacon Detroit ~ October 6-7, 2023

CannaCon Detroit ~ October 6 & 7, 2023

CannaCon is a one-stop shop for everything from cultivation supplies, industry innovations, world class genetics, business and legal advice, retail displays, extraction technology, scientific and financial trends, marketing, branding and so much more.