Fasten your seatbelts, former Marquette County Airport ready for takeoff

Cannabis Grow by Richard T

Cannabis Grow by Richard TFOX TV-6 shares that the former Marquette County Airport in Negaunee will become marijuana grow facility:

The facility was sitting abandoned since 1999 when it moved operations to Sawyer International Airport. Over 20 years later, the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) has approval from Negaunee Township to go forth with a plan to repurpose the 40,000 square-foot building as a marijuana grow house.

“It’s about time we put this space to use and with the growing cannabis market, this is the perfect retrofit for this building,” KBIC Community Director of Cannabis Development Gary Loonsfoot Jr. said.

The township planning commission voted unanimously to approve ‘phase one’ of the tribe’s redevelopment and cannabis growing plan on Tuesday, May 10. If the state officially licenses the former airport site, the KBIC will receive one grow license. Loonsfoot Jr. said ‘phase one’ of the KBIC’s plan would be to grow marijuana on the property’s first floor.

“Our ground floor here is going to be about 10,000 square-feet of grow room,” Loonsfoot Jr. said. “That is going to include our mothering room, our nursery and then the vegetative and flowering areas.”

The KBIC plans to use the additional 10,000 square-feet on the first floor as office space, with a security room at the entrance. With this grow site would also come what Loonsfoot Jr. said is the most potent strain of marijuana in Michigan.

“Our partner already owns a grow facility and has just achieved an award through the state for the highest percentage of THC in a flower,” Loonsfoot Jr. said. “This is 36.82% which is unheard of, it has 44 total cannabinoids. We are going to clone that plant along with many other strains and bring them here.”

Loonsfoot Jr. said the KBIC’s goal is to sell what is grown on-site to UP dispensaries and added that this would likely save these companies money in transport fees.

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photo credit: Cannabis Grow by Richard T | The CBD