Petition Coming for Adult Social Marijuana Use in Ann Arbor

mLive reports on a petition drive to legalize adult social use of cannabis in Ann Arbor:

Chuck Ream, a retired kindergarten teacher and regular speaker at the annual Hash Bash rally in Ann Arbor, wants to integrate cannabis into modern culture as much as possible.

Ann Arbor Hash Bash, 2007

He announced plans for a 2020 social marijuana ballot initiative at the City Council meeting Monday night, Feb. 4.

“Our voters are the most advanced in the world regarding cannabis policy, and you know, or I am letting you know, that there will be a ballot initiative in Ann Arbor in 2020 for the adult social use of cannabis,” Ream told city officials, suggesting local businesses should be able to get licenses to allow onsite use of marijuana products.

“We could have coffee shops and restaurants and licenses for yoga studios or dance clubs or health clubs or whatever. How about a pot park? Wouldn’t that be wonderful.”

…The social marijuana initiative approved by 54 percent of Denver voters in 2016 made the Colorado city the first in the nation to launch a program allowing limited public consumption of bring-your-own marijuana at businesses such as bars and coffee shops.

While businesses must follow the state’s indoor smoking ban, they can allow edibles and vaping indoors if they secure a license.

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