Boom on the way for Marijuana Friendly Lodging in Michigan?

Copper House Fireplace

Erin Hiatt of Potguide has an interesting feature exploring the potential for growth in 420 friendly lodging aka cannabis friendly lodging:

The hotel industry – from mega-chains like Marriott to the local 420 friendly bed and breakfast – has incurred a lot of financial damage from COVID because of travel restrictions and general consumer fear of traveling while the pandemic plays out. While it’s certain COVID has negatively impacted cannabis tourism, one question remains to be seen. Will canna-tourism and the demand for 420 friendly lodging be strong once it becomes safe to travel?

…Weed-friendly lodging not only brings tourists to specific destinations like Denver or Las Vegas, but contributes to local economies like restaurants, museums, shopping centers, and sports and entertainment venues. Getting tourism back to its pre-COVID state is an important part of a thriving economy overall. However, what is unique to tourists interested in cannabis is that they tend to pick destinations specifically because the state has legal weed.

Another interesting tidbit about cannabis tourists is that they tend to spend more money during their travels. Looking at Colorado as an example, tourists who cited cannabis as their primary reason for visiting the Centennial State spent more money during their visit, around $2,030 on average, than their non-consuming counterparts who spent around $1,869. While a difference of $161 dollars may not seem like a lot, over time (and with enough people) that can add up to a lot of cash.

Bud and breakfasts and other cannabis-friendly lodgings do not comprise a large percentage of overall tourism on the whole, though they may play a larger role in well-established tourist markets like Colorado, or cities whose economies are driven by visitors like Las Vegas. However, that doesn’t mean that 420-friendly lodging won’t be vital to the revitalization of local economies post-COVID. For example, they are better positioned to connect their lodgers to a uniquely local experience by directing visitors to local dispensaries and their unique offerings.

You can read on for more & check out our Michigan marijuana friendly lodging page for some options!

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