Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan Cannabis

Five Things You Need to Know About Nuggets Canna Co

In the latest Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan Cannabis we talk with Mike Eisenberg of Nuggets Canna Co in Ypsilanti.


Tell us the basic information about your business.

We are located directly across from Eastern Michigan University, next door to the Wurst Bar & Basil Babes. Our store is owned and operated by caregivers, growers & cannasuers.


Why did you get into the cannabis business?

The reasons are innumerable; but it boils down to our love for the plant and our desire to bring an elevated shopping experience to Ypsi.

Nuggets Canna Co Ypsilanti


What makes your business unique or sets it apart?

We have climate controlled (humidity & temp) storage and sales floor. Our budtenders, managers & owners are extremely knowledgeable, having been selected from legacy caregiver operations & grows, our management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the industry.


Tell us about your favorite cannabis product and/or best seller.

Favorites are hard to pick, across the team we’ve got joint smokers, dabbers and edible aficionados – but we’re all chasing flavor. So some days it’s rosin from The Fifth Age or Rkive, flower from Lost Leaf or Hytek, or a rosin infused Peanut Butter Ball from Organic Mechanic. Any way we consume, we are looking for the best in the segment, fresh, flavorful and efficacious.

The Fifth Age


What are your favorite elevated activities in your area?

Walking along the Huron River. Shopping in Depot Town. Eating at Wurst Bar, Basil Babe, Bellflower and Corner Brewery. Fly-fishing. Art, Music and Theater events. Ypsi Jazz Fest… Honestly, there isn’t much we won’t try.

Huron River photo by NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory