Move over California, Michigan is the new Cannabis King!

Michigan is the King of Cannabis

Michigan is the King of CannabisThe SF Gate shares the honestly shocking news that Michigan has surpassed California as the nation’s largest legal market:

Michigan now sells more legal cannabis than California, according to data shared with SFGATE by BDSA, a cannabis analytics firm. Michigan sold 22 million cannabis products in March, while California only sold 21.3 million products, according to the firm. Any individual packaging of cannabis, like flower or a vape pen, counts as a product, but user paraphernalia like rolling papers or pipes does not.

BDSA uses point of sale data to calculate overall product sales in both states. While it’s not clear when exactly Michigan surpassed California, the sales numbers from earlier this year are the first time data has been reported showing a state other than California had sold the most cannabis products in America.

This is great news because it shows that the state many believe has the best cannabis legal framework was able to use that to become the industry leader. Also, don’t brag too hard because it’s almost certain that California’s illegal market is bigger than our legal one!