Update on Muskegon’s Fields Cannabis

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Sons of Norway Lodge Muskegon Michigan
Sons of Norway Lodge Muskegon Michigan

Sons of Norway Lodge in Muskegon

Marijuana Business Daily has a great article exploring how US cannabis companies are adding VIP rooms, consumption lounges & other “hospitality” features to bring in customers. It also has an update on a Michigan project we’ve got our eye on, Fields Cannabis in Muskegon:

In Michigan, Cory Roberts and brothers Edgar and David Ramon formed a partnership to purchase the former Sons of Norway lodge and 4 acres of land in Muskegon, where they’re planning to develop a cannabis retail store, consumption lounge and grow operation.

The new venture is called Fields Cannabis.

“Our concept is that rather than just be retail or cultivation or a consumption lounge, we’re looking at ourselves as a destination spot,” Edgar Ramon said.

“People can spend as much time here as possible – they’ll be entertained, they’ll be fed, and they’ll have an immersive experience.”

Ramon and his colleagues plan to renovate the existing 11,000-square-foot building for use as a retail store and consumption lounge. The building’s commercial-grade kitchen will enable Fields Cannabis to serve gourmet food in the lounge, but the cuisine won’t be cannabis-infused. There will be a VIP area where customers can have products brought to them, much as a sommelier helps connoisseurs select fine wines.

Fields Cannabis is in the process of designing a 10,000- to 14,000-square-foot, environmentally friendly greenhouse that will help the company as it attempts to become carbon neutral.

Fields Cannabis will use virtual reality and artificial intelligence to help give visitors an immersive experience. For example, guests visiting the company’s consumption lounge will be invited to use virtual-reality goggles to tour the cultivation facilities to see what stages the plants are in – without setting foot in the grow.

“We don’t want to bring anybody in through our facility – we have to be cautious about cross-contamination,” Ramon said.

Lots more in MJ Biz Daily & a big shoutout to Fields Cannabis!