Noble Road Company making marijuana products in Lansing

Fox 47 Lansing reports that when the owners of Lansing’s Roma Baker decided to close their doors after 50 years, Noble Road moved into the space to manufacture marijuana products:  

“We take fresh frozen cannabis and extract it into bubble hash, then we take the bubble hash and press it on what’s called a rosin press and you get this purified extract,” said Travis Wilson owner of the Noble Road Company.

Noble Company is a wholesale production facility, which means they sell their products directly to medical and recreational pot shops all over Michigan. They have more than 150 clients, Wilson said.

“We bring in frozen marijuana, bring that in with a secure transporter and we do our process in-house, then we send them to a licensed retailer,” Wilson said.

The company has 20 employees to help out with production and administrative duties.

Visit Noble Road online to see their full list of cannabis candies, baked goods & rosin & where you can purchase them. Head over to our Michigan Culinary Cannabis page for more stories & links to some of the great companies cooking with cannabis!

Noble Road Edibles