Michigan is the King of Cannabis

Move over California, Michigan is the new Cannabis King!

The SF Gate shares the honestly shocking news that Michigan has surpassed California as the nation's largest legal market.
Vanishing Medical Cannabis Green Cross

Will Michigan’s Medical Cannabis Market Disappear?

The Green Market Report shares an excellent in-depth exploration of Michigan’s vanishing medical marijuana industry.
Soaring Eagle Arts Beats & Eats

Just add cannabis: Arts, Beats and Eats latest to embrace trend

Organizers of the yearly Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats and Eats festival recently announced the (hopeful) addition of legal cannabis at the four-day Labor Day event.
Ordering Marijuana online by NisonCo PR and SEO

Great Highdeas: Online Cannabis Sales

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) last week signed a bill to allow online sale of cannabis products.
Michigan Cannabis Sales on 420 2023

Michigan’s 4/20 Sales Keep Getting Higher

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The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency shares that 2023 cannabis sales on the "high holy day" 4/20 were nearly $5 million over the total sales on April 20, 2022.
Budtenders on 420 by Timber Canna

Michigan 4/20 Sales Rise Again in 2022

Consumers purchased over 2.3 tons of marijuana flower in Michigan retailers on April 20th & data shows overall sales of flower were up 242% from the same day in 2021.