Just add cannabis: Arts, Beats and Eats latest to embrace trend

Soaring Eagle Arts Beats & Eats

Soaring Eagle Arts Beats & EatsROAR Radio shares that organizers of the yearly Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats and Eats festival recently announced the (hopeful) addition of legal cannabis at the four-day Labor Day event (September 1-4, 2023).

Among the festival’s supporters, House of Dank, a company that manages both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries, is potentially authorized to offer marijuana for sale at the event, marking a significant first.

The city commissioners of Royal Oak have unanimously granted permission for the trial inclusion of cannabis sales and adult consumption at the festival. The consumption area will be 18 by 100 feet with a projected capacity of 112 people. A tent from House of Dank will be 20 by 40 feet with a projected capacity of 50 people with a green screen for privacy. The vendor area will be 20 by 160 feet with a projected capacity of 200 people with a green screen for privacy. The total area’s projected capacity is 362 people.

To ensure privacy, the area will be enclosed with a fence, preventing any visibility from the street. Private security will be present, and access will be limited to individuals aged 21 or older. The tented space will have a maximum capacity of 100 people, with a restriction on lingering for more than five to ten minutes*.

The latest Arts, Beats & Eats press release adds:

“One of the big stories for the festival this year is that the City of Royal Oak approved cannabis sales at Arts, Beats & Eats, and we are excited to present a safe, confined and creative space for sales and consumption of cannabis,” said Michael DiLaura, Chief Corporate Operations and General Counsel, House of Dank. “While the city has approved us, we are still waiting on approval from the State of Michigan and look forward to that happening soon to solidify a truly unique addition to this year’s Arts, Beats & Eats.”

5-10 minutes seems a bit fast for making a decision and having a puff, but with one of Michigan’s largest festivals that attracts nearly a half million people every year adding cannabis sales & consumption, it seems like just a matter of time before a bud is as acceptable as a brew.

More marijuana-friendly events on the Michigan Cannabis Calendar, and definitely let us know if there are long running events you know of that are adding cannabis.