Two new marijuana license types under consideration

NMU Cannabis Program

NMU Cannabis ProgramLukas Barfield of Ganjapreneur writes that Michigan regulators have proposed two new cannabis industry license types, one to let schools purchase cannabis for educational purposes and another to expand the state’s Class A micro-business licenses:

The marijuana educational research license would allow schools to purchase cannabis for educational and research purposes from licensed Michigan cannabis producers. However, schools are often hesitant to work with cannabis due to federal restrictions, the report notes. Things like student loans and grants may be affected if schools have large amounts of cannabis on campus, said Northern Michigan University (NMU) cannabis educator Derek Hall.

According to Hall, NMU’s program uses plants other than cannabis to conduct classes. “Currently, we follow the federal guidelines related to cannabis,” he said in the report M-Live. “We do have trace amounts for laboratory use. Those amounts are very, very small.”

The second new license type would expand an existing license category called the Class A micro-business license. The new license would expand the number of allowable plants for micro-business licensees from 150 to 300. Unlike the existing micro-business license, the new Class A license does not allow in-house cannabis processing. Instead, Class A micro-businesses can purchase edibles and concentrates from other Michigan processors.

According to Michigan NORML executive director Rick Thompson:

“[The] class A micro business can double the cultivation output while also selling any other regulated supplier’s non-flower products. This is huge. It makes the existing micro business license undesirable and obsolete.” — Thompson, via M-Live

More at Ganjapreneur. You can read & comment on the MRA’s proposed rule changes on their website.

photo courtesy Northern Michigan University Cannabis Studies