Flint Dispensary & Microbuddery giving away 1000 Turkeys

Light n Up Turkey

Lets Get Baked Turkey GiveawayThe Michigan Marijuana Report shares that Light’N Up Cannabis Company announced its inaugural 1,000 Turkey Giveaway Nov. 20 and 21, in partnership with The Hero Project USA that supports America’s veterans:

This first-of-its-kind event will take place at 4184 Pier North Blvd, Flint, MI 48504 with help from the generous vendors listed below. The cannabis company will give away 1,000 turkeys to people 18 years and older who sign a waiver releasing the company from any liability. In return, they will be enrolled in the Light’N Up Cannabis’ Best Buds Customer Rewards program.

Along with the turkeys, there will be free flavored coffee, hot chocolate and other non-THC items given by the participating vendors to those waiting in line.

The Hero Project USA raises donations to support Michigan veteran charities through the sale of Hero-branded products cannabis, hemp, CBD and other merchandise. Working with local small businesses, Hero’s goal is to connect them to local charities that support veteran causes, helping to solve problems like homelessness, poverty, domestic abuse, drug abuse, PTSD, and suicide. A generous portion of the profit from the sale of these products will go to a veteran charity chosen by the local business. This larger share to the charity is built into its model and is designed to set us apart from other organizations by creating a greater financial impact.

Light n Up TurkeyThe donation is facilitated through the Canna Social Equity Foundation, a community foundation that was created specifically for the Cannabis Industry to give back to its community and help move forward social equity efforts that support equitable development and entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. With limitations on charitable giving, CSEF provides a clearinghouse for cannabis industry donations, allowing for safe acceptance by local non-profit organizations who are otherwise at risk of losing state and federal funding by accepting donations from what is still considered to be a federally illegal business operation.

“CSEF is proud to partner with both the Hero Project and Light’N Up Provisioning and MicroBuddery on this effort, both groups are Field of Interest Fund holders with the Canna Social Equity Foundation,” said Connie Maxim-Sparrow, Executive Director, Canna Social Equity foundation. “Since launching on April 20, 2021, the Foundation has seen tremendous interest from cannabis industry operators across the nation, this project highlights the very commitment that Cannabis Operators are known for, commitment to community.”

The turkey give away will be the first of many that brings great joy to the staff of Light’N Up Cannabis Co. and all participating companies. If there is an interest in participating in this event or future events, please use contact information below. The hope is to grow this event each year and provide a great and filling Thanksgiving to thousands of Michigan families.

Head over to the MI Marijuana Report for more including a list of vendors supporting this effort. Check out Light n’ Up Provisioning & Microbuddery on their website & for sure explore the great work Hero Project USA is doing!

photos via @LightnUpFlint on Instagram