Marijuana Microbusiness Indigrow Opens Cannabis Lounge


IndigrowWOOD-TV shares that Indigrow Craft Cultivation in Muskegon opened the first outdoor cannabis lounge in West Michigan yesterday in celebration of 4/20:

IndiGrow, a retail marijuana micro-business, partnered with its neighbor, which owns an empty lot next to the business off West Clay Street near 7th Street, to open a safe and discreet green space for adults 21-years or older to partake in cannabis responsibility.

“We feel that this outdoor area really solves a problem,” said Karen Kekelik, co-owner of IndiGrow. “Which is people smoking all around the city and doing it in places where they shouldn’t be smoking. Maybe in front of people who don’t want to be involved in that or maybe minors.”

…“When you partake in a micro-brewery for example. You get all of (the experience),” said CEO Steven Kekelik. “You’re going to have the full experience. Right now with cannabis that isn’t quite the case. You need to buy it and then leave or smoke it in less than acceptable ways.”

The outdoor space, named ‘The Bowl,’ is surrounded by berms that will soon be clover-covered. Once inside the adult outdoor space, the public will find picnic tables and outdoor games.

“We’ve partnered with the city and we’ve created a way that’s acceptable for people to come downtown, partake in cannabis and then go enjoy the amenities that the city offers,” he said.

Read more at WOOD-TV and check out Indigrow Craft Cultivation on their website or Instagram.

photo courtesy @Indigrowmi on Instagram