A Look at Michigan’s Marijuana Consumption Lounges

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CannaCon recently took an in-depth look at the Michigan marijuana license for Designated Consumption Establishments (DCE):

DCEs are commercial spaces in which adults are legally allowed to consume marijuana products. More common names for these Michigan microbusiness designated consumption establishments are cannabis cafes and lounges. It is important to note the DCE license does not authorize the owner to sell cannabis products like Michigan dispensaries.

One issue that commonly arises after a state has legalized cannabis is an increase in possession arrests due to consumption in places other than private property. This gap in legality is often overlooked, but Michigan marijuana lawmakers are proving their close attention to failed models by creating a specific license for designated establishments where cannabis consumption is permitted. This license is available to any applicant; no other licenses are required. The DCE license is also open to marijuana retailers, microbusinesses or anyone wanting to operate a “bring-your-own-cannabis” model. This avenue to come into the cannabis market is perfect for small businesses or those who are simply not keen on growing, processing or operating a traditional dispensary.

More from Cannacon. While Michigan doesn’t yet have a licensed consumption lounge, cities including Detroit have written them into their laws.

PS: If all goes well, Cannacon will return to Detroit April 2-3, 2021?