Michigan Medical Cannabis Card

You should get your Michigan Medical Cannabis card

While it can feel these days that a medical cannabis card is little more than a 20% off discount, there remain concrete reasons to have a med card.
No Marijuana Testing Michigan

State of Michigan ends most pre-employment cannabis testing

This change means regulations will look at recreational marijuana use much like alcohol use and won't test for it in new hires.
Man Rolling Joint by Elsa Olofsson

State of Michigan considers ending most cannabis drug testing

Michigan officials are proposing to end pre-employment drug testing for marijuana for most government job applicants, while also giving people who’ve already been penalized over positive THC tests an opportunity to have the sanction retroactively rescinded.
Governor Whitmer Half Baked

Ben & Jerry’s calls for cannabis clemency

Ben & Jerry's is calling out state governors for half-baked marijuana legalization, and they're asking Governor Whitmer to finish the job in Michigan where cannabis use is legalized, but many are still serving time or have long-standing records for cannabis-related convictions.
Representative Yousef Rabhi

John Sinclair Act would completely de-schedule marijuana in Michigan

A look at the John Sinclair Act introduced by State Representative Yousef Rabhi that would remove marijuana from Michigan's controlled substance list.
MRA Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency logo

Michigan Marijuana Agency Releases New Rules

This week the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) updated the administrative rule sets for cannabis business in Michigan.


Camp 710 Invitational Grand Junction Michigan

Camp 710 Invitational ~ June 28-30 in Grand Junction

The ultimate three-day camping music festival celebrating heady culture and the bass music scene in an unforgettable outdoor experience in Southwest Michigan.
Michigan Grown Harvest Rally

Michigan Grown Harvest Rally ~ September 28th in Lansing

Michigan Weedsters invite you to join them for the Michigan Grown Harvest Rally for medical cannabis at the State Capitol on Thursday, September 28th.
Michigan NORML Legalization Day Celebration

Michigan NORML Legalization Day Celebration ~ Monday, Dec 6th

Michigan NORML invites you to join them on December 6, 2021 from 5:30 to midnight at the Cannabis Counsel Law Firm in Detroit for the 4th annual Michigan Legalization Day Celebration.