Drink Up: Drnq Budz launching marijuana-infused straws

Drnq Budz Cannabis Infused Straws

Drnq Budz Cannabis Infused StrawsIn the “cool things Michigan can borrow from someplace else” category comes news that California-based Drnq Budz is launching drinking straws made with an interior lining of THC for easy, portable wellness and relaxation anywhere:

The Los Angeles-based startup has secured the master rights to the technology developed by Unistraw, the biggest straw maker in the world. Drnq Budz will launch with 3 flavors and 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg dosages, with more options coming soon. Drnq Budz delivers a 6 minute onset, versus half an hour for most gummies and other edibles. Straws will be available beginning December 15, 2021 from dispensaries and delivery services throughout California.

“This delivery system will change lives,” says Joe Wallace, Founder of Drnq Budz. “I know that sounds over-the-top, but think about how convenient and enjoyable this makes taking care of yourself and feeling good. And how much more control it gives you over edibles. This is a natural disruptor of the edibles market—which is on track to reach $12 billion by 2025. And c’mon, we’re adults here—do you really want to be sitting around eating gummy bears? Imagine all the things we can do with this technology—all you have to do is sip.”

The lining dissolves as you drink, and the user can watch the amount consumed through the outer layer of the straw. The technology allows for very precise dosage.The straws are 100% certified compostable and bio-sourced, but the environmental impact will be bigger than that. Drnq Budz will create a massive reduction in the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint, reducing shipping and storage of heavier products, and reducing the plastic and chemical waste associated with vaping products.

Read more & check out Drnq Budz on their website.