Bazonzoes Provisioning Center opens for Recreational Cannabis Sales


Join Bazonzoes this Saturday (Oct 24) from 12pm – 9pm for their Adult Use/Recreational Grand Opening with DJ on-site, food trucks & a slew of vendors, and medical/adult-use specials going on all day. See their Facebook page for all the details!

The Spartan Newsroom reports that Bazonzoes Provisioning Center at 2101 W. Willow St. has opened for medical & recreational cannabis business:

Customers 21 and up, are able to walk in or order products online for pickup and delivery and can also receive a consultation about cannabis products. Bazonzoes manager Erin McCann-Sabo said it is the only cannabis company in the state to have a consultation room and the dispensary is partnering with Intessa, a medical marijuana clinic, to help people to sign up for a medical card and coach them on use.

“You check in either as a medical patient or a recreational patient and we have specific budtenders that are assigned to the recreational, adult-use room and budtenders assigned to the medical side,” she said.

McCann said most customers are between ages 35 and 55 and some are veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

“On the medical side we really are trying to help people who have pre-existing medical conditions deal with their pain,” she said. A lot of people who used to be addicted to opioids come in — marijuana is helping them get off of their opioid addiction.”

Click through for more check out their offerings at, and see all recreational dispensaries in the area on our Lansing/Mid-Michigan Recreational Cannabis map!