Authentic 231 offers recreational cannabis in Manistee

Authentic 231 Cannabis Dispensary Manistee

Authentic 231 Cannabis Dispensary ManisteeOur Michigan Recreational Cannabis Map has been growing right along with Michigan’s cannabis industry. We end the year with 142 recreational provisioning centers. Our latest addition is Authentic 231, a new marijuana provisioning center located at 74 Arthur St. in Manistee. The Manistee News reported:

Authentic 231 employs eight people onsite at the center and 20 people total across the other aspects of the business, like growing the product.

“I’m the only person who’s not actually originally from the area. All the other owners are local so I would say we’re a majority local company. I moved here and love this community,” Authentic 231 CEO and co-owner William McKenzie said.

The center will offer 12 strains of flower — different strains mean different effects of the marijuana — as well as vape carts, edibles, different types of concentrates and local CBD products.

“A lot of our products are grown here locally, by a lot of the same people who grow food — just fourth generation farmers who have been growing the foods that people in the community are eating and now they’re growing the cannabis for people,” McKenzie said.

He added that some of the products are sourced from a farm and processing facility in Brown Township and some are sourced elsewhere for the sake of variety.

To those apprehensive about another marijuana center coming to town, McKenzie said he understands their reticence.

“It’s gotten a bad rap for a long time so I don’t expect people to change their minds about it overnight,” he said. “To me, it’s something that’s significantly safer than alcohol, and a lot of other hard drugs. I hope that people will see just by watching how we operate in the community that we are good, wholesome people, and that we bring a lot to the table.”

See what they’re bringing to the table on their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

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