Interview with MSU Cannabis Industry Association founder Matteo Marchan

MSU Cannabis Industry Association

MSU Cannabis Industry AssociationGrown In has an interview with Matteo Marchan, founder of the Michigan State University Cannabis Industry Association. Here’s some highlights:

Grown In: What is your association’s value proposition to college students who are interested in working in the cannabis industry?

Marchan: We’ve developed an extensive network of companies that we hope to mobilize through our soon-to-launch recruitment platform. Some of our current partners include Cresco Labs, Canndescent, Dutchie, and The ArcView Group.

We’re actively identifying ways to connect our student community to employment opportunities in the cannabis space. Due to the industry’s nascency, many traditional recruitment avenues are missing. Establishing this infrastructure is a big focus of ours, and we look forward to connecting more ambitious students with high-impact opportunities in the space.

Grown In: Share with us opportunities you see in Michigan-based cannabis companies for students just entering the workforce.

Marchan: There are many part-time and internship positions available, but undoubtedly, a lack of entry-level full-time roles. We’re working to address this challenge via our recruitment platform by forging strategic relationships with industry partners that enable a higher placement rate for our highly ambitious community of students.

We’re incredibly thankful for receiving support from many Michigan companies as we navigate this process, including but not limited to the MI Cannabis Industry Association, PG Group, Ooze, Emerald Growth Partners, Sarah Jane, Redemption Cannabis, and Red Arrow Farm.

Read on for more. Definitely follow @msucannabis on Instagram and check out the MSUCIA website for information about networking opportunities, general education resources & their weekly speaker series hosting renowned entrepreneurs, researchers, and experts.

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