Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail

Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail

Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll TrailmLive reports on the new Pre-Roll Trail featuring six Muskegon marijuana shops:

The Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail launched in mid-July and runs through Thursday, Sept. 30.

Adults over 21 years old who visit a store and purchase a pre-roll, a ready to consume joint, will receive a sticker on a map. When the map has stickers from all six shops, participants will receive a t-shirt.

“The tourists that are coming here, they come to Muskegon for the beach. I thought it would be great for them to explore all the cannabis opportunities that they have,” said event organizer, Heather Howell of Cannabis Consultants.

Participating shops are Bella Sol, New Standard Park Place, NOBO, Rair, Sozo and Timber Cannabis Co.

You can read more at mLive & follow West Michigan’s First Pre-Roll Trail on Facebook.

Along the Michigan Cannabis Pre-roll Trail