Ohio Cannabis Festival Cancelled

NBC TV-4 shares that the Ohio Cannabis Festival has been canceled due to a dispute between organizers and local officials:

A Pennsylvania-based company, Zick Productions, said its team spent six months preparing to launch the Ohio Cannabis Festival at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Tallmadge. The event was set to run from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, but by June 11 its website had been locked down to a solitary message.

“Summit County Agricultural Society has decided to cancel the upcoming Ohio Cannabis Festival contracted to be held Aug. 31 – Sept. 1 in a statement received by mail to organizers,” Zick Productions wrote. “This breach of contract was in accordance with city and county officials’ direction who cited ownership of the land, our commercial speech and state law.”

Stargazer Cannabis Festival, organized separately by Chad Thompson, is going ahead as planned in July in Meigs County.

Here’s a link to the Ohio Cannabis Festival website & here’s our report on initial cannabis licenses granted in Ohio.