Pigs, Pies and … Pot? Cannabis to be judged at Cali State Fair

California State Fair Cannabis Awards

California State Fair Cannabis AwardsFrom the “Things Michigan Could Learn from Other States about Cannabis” files comes this Benzinga story that the California State Fair will be adding a cannabis competition for the first time ever in its 166-year history:

The CA State Fair Cannabis Competition and Awards represents “a watershed moment” for the cannabis community in California, Cultivar Brands’ Brian Applegarth said on Tuesday, highlighting that they will focus on education and demystification of the plant.

The competition is open to all licensed growers in California and will award medals for the cannabis flower only, showcasing the primary cannabinoids and terpenes expressed in the cannabis flower.

“We are thrilled for California cannabis farmers to have a seat at the table,” Cultivar Brands co-founder/CEO James Leitz told Benzinga. “We will lead with cannabis flower for the inaugural awards, but our plan is to dive deeper in the coming years to recognize even more attributes of the plant, objectively through science and subjectively through judging.”

Sounds like a great addition to Michigan’s State Fair so get on it, Pure Michigan!