Lucky Pistil lifting Michigan cannabis cooking

Chef Enid Parham by prosperusdetroit

Model D has a nice profile on Michigan cannabis chef Enid Parham aka Chef Sunflower:

Parham runs Lucky Pistil, a catering company that specializes in cannabis-infused food and is a popular choice for metro area elite who are looking for a private party where their guests can get a “little lift”.

“The first thing I like to know is what they get from it,” Parham says of her cannabis cooking. “I want these guests to feel something different. Some people just want to have a happy high where they can dance around. And some people, it might be an event where they don’t want to feel locked into a couch. Or they might want to, like, have a combination.”

“Once I know what kind of high they want to have, then I know what I want to get,” she says. “And then I go searching at the different farms or different dispensaries for what’s available.”

Parham sources at farms that grow cannabis organically. To her, that’s important to the quality because, like any herb, she says it can be tainted and changed with chemical intervention. She also sources at dispensaries that have to regularly test their products.

While she loves to cook all kinds of food, she said that her Bolognese sauce is her favorite. “I love using the flower,” she says of cannabis — referring to the actual bud, rather than tinctures or other derivatives. “Sometimes with tinctures, just like anything, when you start breaking it down to its chemical form, things will change, like some of the terpene effects and stuff like that.”

“So, I like using natural power because, to me, I’m looking at cannabis just like another herb like rosemary or basil or something like that.”

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photo credit: Chef Enid Parham by prosperusdetroit