Traverse City (finally) has recreational cannabis!

Traverse City Now Rec by House of Dank TC

Traverse City Now Rec by House of Dank TCTV 9&10 News shares that nearly four and a half years after Michigan voters legalized marijuana, the doors of a recreational Traverse City cannabis provisioning center have opened!

Friday was a historic day in Traverse City for dispensaries.

House of Dank is expected to open to recreational sales for the first time on Monday. But due to early shipments, they were able to open Friday morning at 10, making them the first dispensary to offer recreational sales in town.

“I jumped on the initiative and took advantage of it, and it’s only the beginning. I’m only the first one. There is going to be a lot more after me. A lot more. There’s gonna be a lot of business brought to this town, and it’s going to be hopefully for the better for everyone,” Bruce Douglas, the first recreational customer for Traverse City, said.

The TC Ticker has an article on the 16 Traverse City locations that have been approved for recreational cannabis provisioning center licenses:

The city’s zoning ordinance allows up to 24 retail dispensary permits citywide, with a set number allowed in different “subareas” or districts of the city. All 16 applications submitted to the city fell within the number of licenses allowed per subarea, meaning no applicants were shut out.

“The City of Traverse City appreciates the level of interest by the cannabis industry in locating their businesses within our community,” says City Clerk Benjamin Marentette. “The application review process was a big lift and required an extraordinary amount of review from my team and the Traverse City Police Department. We also appreciate the patience of the applicants and most certainly their investment in this community.”

Click through for a list of the 4 new businesses and 12 current medical provisioning centers that will be selling recreational marijuana.

photo by House of Dank Traverse City on Instagram