Send in the Clones: Pure Options now selling marijuana clones

Pure Clones Kush Mints

Pure Clones Kush MintsWhile not every cannabis retailer in Michigan is on the side of legally growing your own, Lansing-based cannabis retailer Pure Options is now selling marijuana clones:

As the battle rages to protect the rights of consumers to grow their own cannabis at home, Michigan’s premier cannabis provisioner, Pure Options is excited to announce they are the first provisioning center in the state with the ability to sell cannabis plant clones to the public. In honor of this recognition, Pure Options is dropping two exclusive strains of premium clones — highly coveted Kush Mints and Watermelon Zkittles … Clones will be available to order for the general public beginning November 29.

In this new capability, PURE OPTIONS will be able to sell clones, marketing to DIY customers who are more interested in the product and process of growing cannabis independently of larger cultivators in the state.

Pure Options Processing Manager David Doutherd

Pure Options Processing Manager David Doutherd. Read a profile right here!

…While Pure Options is one of Michigan’s fastest-growing cannabis provisioning centers, founder Sam Usman Jr., openly champions the industry’s homegrown cannabis movement. “We are not threatened by people growing their own cannabis plants,” he says. “In fact, we welcome this new avenue for our customers. Our team finds it to be fun and exciting, and we look at it as opening access to the people. The customer who buys clones is a different customer than the one who buys cannabis from us. They may consume more, and they are more enthusiastic about the product and the process. We want people to grow cannabis at home and we are going to help facilitate the experience through the sale of clones. Other organizations are actively fighting to keep home growers out of the process.”

Usman is on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (, a grassroots organization functioning as the voice for the state’s legal cannabis businesses, taking an opposing position to other state organizations like the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association that advocates to prevent individuals from growing their own product.

“We’re excited that PURE OPTIONS’ amazing genetics will be available to all home growers and caregivers,” said Robin Schneider, Executive Director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. “MICIA is proud to partner with PURE OPTIONS in supporting the rights of Michiganders to grow cannabis at home.”

Read more in mg Magazine & head over to to order clones & for their clone care guide.

FYI, a clone is a cutting, such as a branch, that is cut off of a living marijuana plant, which will then grow into a plant itself. A clone has the same genetic makeup as the plant it was taken from, which is called the mother plant.