HYMAN Cannabis Strain Honors Blade Icewood

Icewood Blade Platinum Rose

Benzinga Cannabis (telling y’all – subscribe to their newsletter) shares that Michigan cannabis retailer HYMAN has partnered with Lil Blade on a new strain called Platinum Rose honoring his father, late great rapper & Detroit legend Blade Icewood:

The goal of the project, to highlight one of the many local legends from the city of Detroit, HYMAN aims to bring more culture into the world of cannabis, which is why the company chose Blade Icewood.

A member of the Street Lord’z and considered one of the most influential rappers of the Detroit underground rap genre, Icewood was fatally shot in 2005 in what was reported as a gang-related incident.

Detroit native Darren Dabish, HYMAN’s chief marketing officer, who remembers Blade from his own youth, said partnering with Lil Blade is part of the company’s plan for establishing collaborations with an entity or public figures that people can relate to.

…HYMAN is partnering with Icewood’s son, Lil Blade, in this endeavor. Lil Blade is equally enthusiastic to bring his father’s legacy to a wider public — and himself while he’s at it.

“In all honesty, HYMAN has some dope billboards and I pictured myself being on one of those billboards. I have a lot of creative ideas that I wanted to bring to the Icewood brand in honor of my Father and I feel that HYMAN is able to execute those ideas and bring them to life,” Lil Blade said.

“My Father, Blade Icewood, is bigger than life. He wasn’t just a rapper, he was an icon for Detroit. My goal is to continue working towards building the brand Icewood to honor my father’s legacy. If people take one thing away from this campaign, that is what I would want them to know,” Lil Blade concluded.

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photo courtesy HYMAN Cannabis on Instagram.