Help your friends make friends with cannabis!


As we approach federal legalization of cannabis, it’s an even better time to introduce your canna-curious friends to the pleasures of the sweet leaf! Jessica Baird of Sensi Mag has a great guide for How to Introduce Your Friends to Cannabis that says (in part):

Introducing your non-stoner friends to cannabis can be a fantastic experience, but it requires a little finesse to ensure they have a positive and memorable time. When it comes to welcoming a newbie into the cannabis community, vibes are everything. And a bad high can convince someone to never touch the “devil’s lettuce” again.


If you are planning on introducing a friend to cannabis, make their first experience a good one and plan ahead. Think chill, cozy, and inviting.


Before you bust out the bud, start some good old stoner talk. Share your personal cannabis journey – share how it’s helped you, the highs (pun intended) and lows, and why you advocate for the plant.


For first-timers, the consumption method and strain you choose is key. You want a low-dose edible or a flower that is mellow and approachable. I’d recommend a low-THC, high-CBD strain like Harlequin- a gentle, calming high without the intense psychoactive effects. If you can’t find a high CBD strain, try one like Blue Dream or Jack Herer. Remember, not everyone will get the same high as you so don’t go with the strongest strain. Every body has different highs.

There’s lots more in this great article – click to read the whole thing!!

photo courtesy Cannaclusive