Recreational Ohio cannabis sales starting in July?

Ohio Cannabis

Ohio CannabisWKYC shares that following the approval of Issue 2 allowing recreational cannabis, Ohio’s Division of Cannabis Control has approved almost 80 provisional licenses to sell recreational marijuana:

“Everyone wants to know when,” said Jared Maloof, CEO of Standard Wellness, owners of The Forest Dispensary. “Everyone is waiting with anticipation with regard to when we are going to go.”

The Forest Dispensary is hoping to make history once again, after being among the first medical dispensaries to open in Ohio in 2019. Now it is on the brink of being among the first to begin recreational sales.

Next for these provisionally licensed dispensaries is a final inspection of each location and a review of their standard operating procedures, followed by a one-on-one meeting with a regulator from the Division of Cannabis Control. After the final review, the state can issue an operational certificate to the dispensary, which would allow it to begin adult-use sales.

“Best guess? One to two weeks,” Maloof surmised as to when recreational sales can begin.

Retail sales of recreational marijuana will initially begin at Ohio’s approximately 130 existing marijuana dispensaries that are licensed for dual recreational use, following the passage of Issue 2, the citizen-initiated statute that was approved by 57% of Ohio voters last November. The DCC began accepting dual-use license applications on June 7, and industry insiders had anticipated that adult-use sales would begin by the end of June, but that date appears to now be headed for sometime in early or mid-July.

Although Indiana remains firmly committed to keeping legal cannabis out, having legal sales in Ohio will for sure affect the Michigan market. Keep choosing Michigan folks!!