Edgewood Wellness going big in Lansing

Edgewood Wellness

Edgewood WellnessIn the Lansing City Pulse, Kyle Kaminski has a nice review of Edgewood Wellness in Lansing which has designs on being one of the planet’s largest cannabis dispensaries:

Edgewood Wellness bills itself as the biggest marijuana dispensary east of the Mississippi River. And at about 19,000 square feet, it might just be the second largest pot shop on earth. Planet 13, a store in Las Vegas, still holds the “world’s largest” title — at least for now.

Inside a former gymnasium tucked off Edgewood Boulevard near Celebration Cinema, much of Edgewood Wellness remains under renovation as its owners chart plans for an expansive new sales floor, an upstairs smoking lounge and a stoner “museum” of sorts featuring local artists.

Expect that news to be unveiled later this year. In the meantime, however, big plans haven’t stalled big progress. The southside shop became the latest dispensary in Lansing last month to be licensed for both medical and recreational sales.

Head over to the City Pulse for a list of the author’s favorite products.

Rise THC in Coffee Regarding the consumption lounge addition, Edgewood Wellness shares:

Cannabis consumers worldwide have always loved Amsterdam-style coffeeshops. A warm, inviting place, where people can buy a spliff or edible, hang out with friends, listen to some good music, and order an espresso, fresh-squeezed juice, or treat to snack on. That safe space is coming to Lansing, Michigan with Edgewood Cannabis Lounge!!! Our lounge will feature room for community meetings, a VIP room for special events, live entertainment, and be open for just relaxing and chilling. Our parking lot will be open to local food trucks on-site to supplement any of your munchies and cravings that our future commercial kitchen does not provide.

Scheduled for opening late summer/fall 2021 COVID and regulations permitting!

Check out Edgewood Wellness at edgewoodcannabis.com. See all the Lansing & mid-Michigan recreational marijuana dispensaries on our map!

photos courtesy @edgewoodwellness on Instagram