Green Path Consultants guiding the way to cannabis wellness

Green Path Consultants Michigan Medical Cannabis

Green Path Consultants Michigan Medical CannabisSecond Wave Media has a feature on Port Huron-based cannabis & wellness company Green Path Consultants:

Green Path Consultants was formed by two Port Huron-based nurses, Laura Norman and Nicole Williams, and an Ohio-based nurse, Charlotte Francis. The trio share more than 30 years of nursing experience among them. Green Path Consultants was inspired by their own experiences in the field.

“Working in long-term care, you see older patients receive their medical marijuana cards. They might be easy to get but people wouldn’t know what to do with them,” Norman says.

“There’s still a huge gap between healthcare and cannabis.”

Green Path Consultants exists to bridge that gap, she says. Cannabis products like cannabidiol, or CBD, and THC are almost overwhelmingly plentiful in the ways in which they are effective and can be delivered.

The difference between CBD, which lacks the chemical compounds that get users “high” yet delivers a range of health and wellness benefits, and THC, which does include said chemical compounds, can be confusing for some. And then there’s the myriad ways in which those products can be consumed, including oils, edibles, traditional smoking methods, and more.

“We talk to our clients about what they want to accomplish, what their goals are. It could be to treat anxiety, pain, sleeping habits. Then we give them a plan based on their physicians’ recommendations, including how it will affect them and where to start,” Norman says.

“There are so many different ways to consume cannabis that it can be intimidating and overwhelming. And to try and figure it out on your own, that can be dangerous, too.”

Integrating cannabis into health and wellness planning is a burgeoning branch of nursing and the founders of Green Path Consultants have each become certified cannabis registered nurses and are members of the American Cannabis Nurses Association.

You can learn more in the article & on the Green Path Consultants Facebook page.