Marijuana Tourism is Shaping the Future of the Cannabis Industry

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FlowerHire has a really excellent article exploring how marijuana tourism is already shaping the future of the cannabis business that says in part:

At the beginning of legalization, cannabis “tourism” was mostly people traveling across state lines to visit dispensaries, buy legal cannabis products, and consume cannabis safely in a legal place. But legalization continues spreading and the cannabis industry continues to mature. So cannabis tourism has taken on a new meaning and reaches far beyond visiting a dispensary or touring a cultivation site.

…Cannabis tourism is most commonly known as visiting destinations where legalized cannabis attracts tourists. For some, cannabis tourism is thought of simply as going to places where cannabis is legal to enjoy the plant legally. This may look like tourists going on dispensary tours, staying at a bud and breakfast, touring a farm or cultivation site, or dining at an infused restaurant. But cannabis tourism doesn’t solely mean a trip is focused on cannabis attractions.

The next-level question around cannabis tourism is: how does cannabis exist within and expand current travel and tourism attractions? Yes, cannabis tourists might want to go visit a cultivation facility. But they also might just want to sit at the top of the Grand Canyon and smoke a joint to enhance their experience.

Brian Applegarth, the founder of the California Cannabis Tourism Association, as well as an advisor to MMGY Global and MMGY Travel Intelligence, describes cannabis tourism more broadly as “cannabis-related tourism”.

Cannabis-related tourism is the idea that cannabis, hemp, and CBD will integrate into the massive global tourism and travel industry. The bigger question is how do hemp, CBD, and cannabis fit and integrate into everything regarding the travel industry, including:

  • Art, music, and sporting events
  • Business conventions and retreats
  • Cultural tourism
  • Health and wellness tourism
  • Virtual tourism
  • And more

…In addition to accommodating smokers in public, there are many unique cannabis-smoking-friendly tours. For example, Canada High Tours offers:

  • Bike tours
  • Puff n’ pottery
  • Graffiti tours
  • Photography tours
  • Stargazing
  • And so much more.

Canada is finding ways to integrate cannabis smoking into the culture. And they’re maintaining respect for citizens who prefer to keep their distance from the invasive nature of smoke.

So much more in this really excellent deep dive at FlowerHire & dig into Michigan cannabis tourism on the MCT!