Get Happi: Infused Sparkling Water Debuts in Michigan

Happi Launch at Copper House Bed & Breakfast in Detroit

Happi Launch at Copper House Bed & Breakfast in DetroitIn the Detroit Metro Times, Lee DeVito shares that Happi infused cannabis sparkling water had their coming out party at Detroit’s Copper House Bed & Breakfast:

During a recent party in the manicured backyard of the Copper House, a neighborhood event space in Detroit’s Bagley neighborhood, near the Avenue of Fashion, brightly colored cans of a new drink are served alongside charcuterie and fruit. Outside, a retro-style trailer dubbed the “Happi Camper” is parked on the street, emblazoned with the brand’s smiling cartoon faces.

The event is a launch party for Happi, a new cannabis-infused sparkling water that is the first of its kind sold in Michigan. The cans are expected to be available for delivery in the Detroit area via the Lantern delivery service by Labor Day weekend, and to be available for purchase at local dispensaries soon after.

The brand is eager to cater to a demographic they say is too often ignored: canna-curious women who are looking for a low-calorie alternative to alcohol. The cans come in three flavors: lemon elderflower, which has 15 calories per can; raspberry honeysuckle, which comes in at 20 calories; and pomegranate hibiscus, which has 25 calories. Each can contains 2.5 mg of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis that gets your high. It’s a level that the creators say was meant to mimic the effects of a glass of wine — but with no hangovers the next morning.

More in the Metro Times. For sure check out our friends at Copper House B&B in Detroit, check out Happi on their website, and dig into cannabis products in Michigan through the MCT!