Introducing the Canna Social Equity Fund

Canna Social Equity Fund

MITech TV Host Mike Brennan sat down with Connie Maxim-Sparrow of the Canna Social Equity Fund to talk about this new effort to help contributors formulate goals related to social equity programs that promote change at the community level in the State of Michigan. They’re placing a particular emphasis on the exploding adult-use Cannabis market, expected to top $1.5 billion in sales this year:

The CSEF will work directly with cannabis licensees in the State of Michigan, Fund representatives will review existing social equity plans, identifying ways to operationalize and support licensee efforts in their local communities. Helping licensees identify social equity plan goals ensures the fund will support its contributors while moving community development forward, locally.

Through a request for proposal process, community organizations will be asked to request funds to support the goals outlined in the licensee’s social equity plans. The Fund serves as a collaborator and planner for both the licensees and local community development organizations.