Michael Fisher talks caregivers & growing in Michigan

Michael Fisher Sensi Michigan Cover

Michael Fisher Sensi Michigan CoverSensi Magazine’s Michigan edition has a cool profile on cannabis growing consultant Michael Fisher that includes tips for growing your own in Michigan along with some great background on our medical caregiver growing system:

Fisher, 39, does business and property development for the cannabis industry through his company Overgrow. The name harkens back to an online community he started following 20 years ago, during his first deep dive into indoor growing. “I spent thousands of hours there and got the opportunity to speak with some of the world’s best breeders,” says Fisher. Those included Bodhi, a breeder who’s been around many years and produces classic seeds like Goji OG and Mother’s Milk; and the recently deceased BOG (Bushy Older Grower), a “breeder’s breeder” who, Fisher says, released good work for decades to growers and breeder.

Between his start and now, Fisher has grown or consulted with growers in the production of tens of thousands of pounds of cannabis. His expertise has gone from something he felt was stigmatized before legalization to one called “a serious business and you’re kicking ass” by people (some of whom he would describe as “the people who were most against it and conservative”) who now contract Fisher to help them build their businesses. Travel through Michigan—or Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma—and if you shop in a dispensary, there’s a good chance you’ve seen product from one of Fisher’s clients.

But Michigan is where he took seeds out of a bag of weed at age 15, planted them, and grew his first producing female. Every year since then, he’s continued to grow, even as a lot as changed. “The caregiver system isn’t just symbolic in Michigan,” he says. “People can get as much as they need. I believe everyone should be allowed to grow what they want, but not everyone can; and for someone treating their cancer, they might need a high dose. That could be prohibitively expensive in a dispensary, but not when an adult can grow 12 of his or her own plants, plus 12 for five others as a caregiver.”

Get the growing tips at Sensi Michigan  & for sure look for their magazine at dispensaries across the state!