Traverse City (finally) allows Recreational Dispensaries

Sunrise on the Spires at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

Sunrise on the Spires at The Village at Grand Traverse CommonsThe Traverse City Ticker reports that Traverse City commissioners approved new rules Monday allowing recreational marijuana businesses to open in the city:

The rules, which take effect August 27, will allow up to four retail dispensaries to operate in city limits – with an application window soon opening that is likely to draw fierce competition for the valuable permits.

…After further honing language this summer, commissioners voted unanimously Monday to allow unlimited growing, processing, secure transportation, safety compliance facility, and event organizing businesses in the city, and up to two microbusinesses: small, vertically integrated businesses that are limited to 150 plants and have a combination of operations on-site, similar to a microbrewery. On-site consumption will not be allowed at any businesses in Traverse City, and temporary marijuana events are also prohibited.

…A maximum of two of the four new recreational retail stores can be located in downtown Traverse City, though the businesses must be at least 1,500 feet apart and not located in the main Front Street area. As with medical marijuana businesses, recreational business applicants will need to pay a $5,000 fee when applying to the city, as well as $5,000 for the annual renewal of permits. While Traverse City’s medical dispensary permits were awarded by lottery, recreational retail permits will be distributed through a merit-based system that uses a scoring matrix to award a maximum of 79 points to applicants in categories like experience (such as business background and history with the city), land use, infrastructure, and communication, among other categories. Applicants must receive at least 60 points to qualify for a retail dispensary permit, with some category metrics graded by the city’s clerk office and others by the city’s planning department.

Lots more in the Ticker & when these provisioning centers are open, we’ll have them on our map of Traverse City & NW Michigan Recreational Cannabis!