Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan Cannabis

Five Things You Need to Know About ZenergyHQ


Tell us the basic information about your business.

Our business focuses on providing cannabis education to those who are interested in using this plant for medical conditions. We are Registered Nurses who value holistic and alternative approaches to wellness at our bed & breakfast on a 25 acre small farm located near Gaylord.


Why did you get into the cannabis business?

I help people with pain and anxiety. As an RN, massage therapist and yoga instructor, I felt that cannabis was an important part of treating and preventing illness.

Mind Body Soul


What makes your business unique or sets it apart?

We provide custom experiences on our small berry farm. While we do offer education about growing, herbal medicine making and therapeutic benefits, we also love to have fun!

During your stay, you will be able to access yoga classes, massage therapy, kayaking, archery, pickleball, herbal medicine making, learn about organic growing practices of numerous herbs, paint and sips, bonfires and enjoying scenic northern Michigan.

Berry Harvest Time


Tell us about your favorite cannabis product and/or best seller.

I love to make gummies and pain balms and enjoy teaching others how to extract all of the goodness out of the plant


What are your favorite elevated activities in your area?

We have several hammocks, walking trails and beautiful views. You can also kayak and swim in the lake across the road from our retreat. Nearby, there are world class golf courses, ATV trails, wineries, microbreweries and we are only an hour south of the Mackinac Bridge where you can hop a ferry to Mackinac Island. Our town has great restaurants and a cute little downtown to explore.

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