Pleasantrees East Lansing Cannabis Dispensary Now Open

Pleasantrees East Lansing Cannabis Dispensary

Pleasantrees East Lansing Cannabis DispensaryThe State News reports that recreational marijuana sales are available for the first time in East Lansing at Pleasantrees Cannabis Company which opened for Rec sales on Saturday, September 26:

The establishment opened July 17 as the only operating medical facility in East Lansing. At a public hearing at the Aug. 11 City Council meeting, Michael Yassay, Pleasantree’s director of finance and legal operations, said the company had hired more than 60 people since the pandemic started.

…“We’re definitely very excited to be able to be here and to be able to serve the community,” Vice President of Merchandising Michael Krefman said. “(It’s) definitely something that we feel part of the community and very supported, and it’s been something that has been a lot of work for our team and we’re really proud to see it come to fruition.”

When the facility opened on July 17, Yassay said the process was done quickly to demonstrate that they care for medical patients in the community. They did not want to hold off the opening until recreational sales could offered at the same time.

Krefman said the facility is fully integrated to allow cultivation and processing along with sales.

“All of the flower that we sell here we grow in our own facilities, and now we’re able to sell that all the way through to the end consumer here and bring those products to the East Lansing marketplace,” Krefman said.

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photo courtesy Pleasantrees Cannabis on Facebook