Lake Superior State Opens the Cannabis Center of Excellence


Lake Superior State Cannabis Center for ExcellenceGanjapreneur reports that Lake Superior State University has opened a large facility dedicated to cannabis training and research. They are located in Sault Saint Marie in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & calling the 2,600-square-foot facility the Cannabis Center of Excellence at the Crawford Hall of Science:

Lake Superior State University hopes to capture the attention of cannabis entrepreneurs looking for qualified workers in both chemistry and the business of cannabis. The school plans to become a national leader in preparing professionals for the cannabis industry.

“The LSSU Cannabis Center of Excellence was created to provide a platform for our students to be at the forefront of the cannabis analytics industry,” Dr. Steve Johnson, Dean of the College of Science and the Environment, said in the press release. “The instrumentation available is rarely paralleled at other undergraduate institutions.”

…in what may become the first of others around the country, Lake Superior State University also is launching a cannabis business program. That program aims to produce graduates who become “managers, supervisors, and business development leaders within a commercial enterprise,” trained specifically for the cannabis industry.

That training includes courses in the local, state and federal laws governing the cannabis industry, as well as the particular financial challenges marijuana businesses face. This includes the lack of financial services offered by banks because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

Good news for Michigan’s cannabis industry! Read more at Ganjapreneur & you can learn more about the Cannabis programs at LSSU!