JARS Cannabis Roundtable with Rob Sims & Calvin Johnson Jr

Jars Roundtable with Calvin Johnson & Rob Sims

Jars Roundtable with Calvin Johnson & Rob SimsBenzinga Cannabis shares that Michigan-owned multi-state operator JARS Cannabis will be holding a livestream Roundtable discussion today (Thursday, May 27) with former Detroit-Lions-turned-entrepreneurs Rob Sims and 2021 NFL Hall of Fame inductee Calvin Johnson Jr at 3 PM. The two will be presenting Primitiv, their new cannabis brand that is meant to elevate cannabis as a form of holistic wellness:

The former NFL teammates suffered from the long-term physical effects of injuries sustained during their playing careers and have since gotten involved in advancing the cause of medicinal cannabis via Primitiv Group, their cannabis research company based in Michigan.

“Primitiv’s vision is to positively impact the global cannabis industry by changing stigmas and stereotypes, highlighting the healing power of the plant and producing products that help people and athletes optimize their wellness through holistic relief,” according to the group’s website.

Products will be available at JARS dispensaries.

The Roundtable discussion, to be moderated by award-winning ESPN reporter Eric Woodyard, will be held at Detroit-based broadcasting studio BLDG 22 at 3 p.m. EST, with livestream available on JARS’ Facebook and Instagram channels.

Apart from Primitiv’s launch, the speakers will talk about their cannabis journey.

The company confirmed that Johnson and Sims will be on-site from 5-6 p.m. EST at JARS River Rouge medical and recreational cannabis dispensary following the event.

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