Teebs of Adrian opens recreational dispensary

Teebz Green of Adrian

Teebz Green of AdrianTeebz has announced that they have launched a locally owned, fully licensed medical and recreational cannabis provisioning center in Adrian:

Teebz vows to cater to medical patients, cannabis connoisseurs & the “cannacurious” alike from the local Adrian & Toledo Ohio areas.

The three founders (entrepreneur and finance executive Steven M. Barnstable and his two partners, Gail White and Troy McLaughlin) came to realize that cannabinoids like CBD and THC are essential medically, both through real-life experiences and self-education. From this insight, they decided to work together to bring out an exuberant display of the most wanted and effective cannabis products to market. In addition to its medicinal properties, cannabis is used for industrial textiles, agricultural benefits and personal hygiene. Teebz leverages these potentialities by offering amazing, innovative, and top-quality products to its customers.

Steven M. Barnstable, CEO of Teebz said, “Our intention is to establish ourselves in the community, one patient or customer at a time, so we may reinvest in the local Adrian community. We are loyal and dedicated to you, our future customers, and friends—not to a board of directors of a huge multinational corporation.” He added, “Our main goal is to provide patients and customers alike with a relaxing, informative and stress-free cannabis purchasing experience.”

Teebz also offers free confidential consultations with experienced and well-educated staff. Adults in need of cannabis for medical or recreational reasons can easily buy what they desire. The team at Teebz is growing and delivering evidence-based guidance on the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids.

Visit teebz.green or follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more. See all the southeast Michigan recreational dispensaries on our map.