2020 Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales Top Half a Billion Dollars

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Michigan 2020 Recreational Cannabis Sales

Michigan 2020 Recreational Cannabis SalesDetroit Metro Times reports that Michigan’s recreational marijuana sales reached more than $500 million in 2020:

New data from Headset, a company that analyzes cannabis consumer trends, revealed that recreational weed sales in Michigan rose by 482% between January and December of last year. In January, rec weed sales were somewhere around $9.8 million, and by December had reached $57.2 million.

Medical sales were up too, and were higher than rec sales during the first half of 2020. But by years end, the rec weed market surpassed medical sales by more than $32 million.

Of those products that Michigan weed users enjoyed the most in 2020, Lantern reports that Kushy Punch’s indica gummies topped the list, along with Cloud Cover’s White 99 flower, Fluresh Critical Hog flower, and pre-packaged flower from Fluresh Critical. As for strains, the top ten includes No. 1 favorite, Cloud Cover’s White 99, as well as four entries from Pleasantrees, including Tiki Rain, Tiki Cookies, Triple Scoop, and Monkey Mints.

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