Kaneh Edibles bringing infused treats to Michigan

Kaneh Infused Truffle Bar

Kaneh Infused Truffle BarThe Detroit Metro Times has a nice feature on Rachel King’s Kaneh Co. Cannabis Edibles:

Kaneh Co. — a name King says was gleaned from the Torah, referring to an anointing oil, though she says it’s pronounced like “canna” — entered the Michigan market at the end of last year, in addition to selling its goods in California and Oklahoma. The company bills itself as one of Michigan’s finest makers of gourmet cannabis-infused edibles, producing high-quality products made with only premium ingredients. The sweets sold in Michigan are manufactured at the Brand Labs in Warren.

Kaneh’s Michigan line of products features many top-sellers from the California market, including lots of brownies: a Triple Chocolate Brownie, a S’mores Brownie, a Peanut Butter Fudge brownie, and a “Best of Both Worlds Brownie” — aka a “brookie,” or a brownie with a cooke inside.

…King says the biggest challenge was making sure the cannabis dosing was just right. “It takes a lot of R&D to perfect,” she says. “And then on top of that, we are a packaged food. In a restaurant, I make it, somebody eats it right away. So the shelf life and consistency that we’ve had to nail down in the past five years has definitely taken a lot of work on my end.”

The Michigan product line is available through Cloud Cannabis Co., as well as other dispensaries including House of Dank, Puff Cannabis Company, Green Pharm Cannabis Center Detroit, and Gage Cannabis Co. Prices vary by product and location but range between $10-$22.

More at the Metro Times & you can check out Kaneh on their website, Instagram or Facebook. More stories on Michigan’s culinary cannabis scene on the MCT!