Detroit’s Cannabis Friendly Copper House Bed & Breakfast

Copper House Cannabis Bed & Breakfast Detroit

Copper House Cannabis Bed & Breakfast DetroitThrillist has a solid feature on the evolution of the cannabis-friendly Copper House Bed & Breakfast in Detroit that explains how a 2016 European backpacking trip led to Michigan’s first Bud & Breakfast:

…The experience left an impression on the women, because they knew they weren’t alone in these thoughts. They kept thinking about what people like them—Black travelers, queer travelers, cannabis consumers—looked for when they sought out lodging. Then in 2018, Michigan legalized cannabis for adult use, just a few months after they’d become the proud owners of a large, historic house with a spare bedroom. They knew that a huge stick in the spokes of cannabis tourism is the fact you can’t smoke cannabis in a hotel, nor in certain Airbnbs. The Jacksons knew that they wanted to try out a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast situation immediately.

“We knew there was something there, and we wanted to put our foot in the door of the cannabis industry,” says Jacqara.

Smoking at Copper House B&BThey were the first listing for the state of Detroit on the Bud and Breakfast site, and their first guest made their reservation in January 2019. Though the visitor didn’t actually rent the space for the night.

“They were in from Ohio for a job interview, and just wanted a space to relax beforehand—to talk to someone who knew the city well,” recalls Jessica. “They just smoked, chatted, and went on their way.” Little did they know that their first guest’s less conventional approach to their listing was a major hint at what lay ahead for their home.

For the time being, though, things stayed slow. They did a big renovation in the fall of 2019, making a bigger commitment to the concept and remodeling their spare bedroom. Jessica redecorated, featuring her and Jacqara’s vast collection of copper art and cookware, and they coined themselves Copper House.

…They outfitted the backyard to host micro-weddings over last summer, and cannabis companies would rent the space for a catered, COVID-safe team meeting outside. They started offering up their space to different community groups, hosting a backyard banquet for Black entrepreneurs in cannabis, and Queer Expressions—an event with eight paid queer art curators and infused gourmet bites from chef Enid Parham. Not every single neighbor is wild about their success, but others were even inspired to begin their own journeys in the industry. Overall, it’s clear the community had a need for a place like Copper House.

“It’s mind-blowing,” says Jacqara. “Like, this is our home, and people are actually having a really great time? It’s humbling too, to know we are doing something good by hosting events where people can connect and network and have a positive experience.”

Lots more at Thrillist. You can visit Copper House Detroit online & see other 420-friendly lodging & camping in our guide!

photos courtesy Copper House Detroit instagram