Great Highdeas: Cannabis Farmers Markets

Marijuana Farmers Market in Michigan?

Marijuana Farmers Market in Michigan?Ganjapreneur shares that the New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has announced that industry operators will be allowed to host marijuana farmers’ markets this summer in order to sell more product:

The plan, announced by OCM Director of Policy John Kagia during a meeting with the Cannabis Association of New York, will see the state’s conditionally licensed growers and retailers team up to organize the farmers’ markets’ assembly and operation. Ultimately, the markets should create an opportunity for cultivators to sell their oversupply as there are currently just 13 operational retailers in the state, and shelf space is too crowded for the millions of dollars worth of cannabis products that the state’s growers have produced, the report said.

Interestingly, Director Kagia is quoted as saying “A minimum of three growers and a retailer can organize events where growers can sell flower and pre rolls … and do so through a retailer, but at non-storefront locations.”

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We’re going on record with a full endorsement of this interesting way to bring growers & tokers together. Have you seen or read about a cool idea they’re doing elsewhere that you think would be cool to bring to Michigan? Drop us an email!