Treehouse 603 partners with Pedicab company

Treehouse 603 marijuana dispensary in Ann Arbor

Treehouse 603 marijuana dispensary in Ann ArborThe Michigan Daily has a nice story on Treehouse 603, an Ann Arbor marijuana shop that opened this past November. They recently released a fleet of pedicabs in partnership with Boober Tours, a cab tour company that employs those recovering from addiction, in order to make marijuana accessible to the public during the pandemic.

The cabs transport customers from various campus locations to Treehouse 603’s E. William St. store and back. Chris Ly, Treehouse 603 managing director, said the pedicabs have been helpful in transporting people safely during the pandemic.

“COVID has made us adapt, and we focus on deliveries,” Ly said. “We think it’s important that people can get access to their cannabis a lot easier.”

Ly said sales at Treehouse 603 are evenly distributed between recreational and medicinal marijuana users, though they pay special attention to the medical aspect of the business.

“We want to make sure that we focus on the medicinal side of sales,” Ly said.

While more states are beginning to legalize marijuana, some question whether the benefits of legalization outweigh the harms. Daniel Kruger, a researcher at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, said in an interview with The Michigan Daily that the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine published a large study in 2017 that found marijuana has numerous medical benefits.

“(NASEM) determined that there is sufficient evidence to say that cannabis can effectively treat several different conditions, including chronic pain, chemotherapy induced vomiting, multiple sclerosis spasticity and sleep disturbances,” Kruger said. “The challenge is, for most of our lives, everyone has probably been misinformed by anti-drug messages, more so than being informed.”

Read on for more at the Michigan Daily & visit Treehouse 603 online or at 603 E William St in Ann Arbor. View all the southeast Michigan recreational dispensaries on our map!

photo via Treehouse 603 Facebook page