Use Cannabis Edibles to Fight the Flu


The Polar Vortex has brought more than blistering cold to Michigan this winter. As Leafly notes, the flu is big in 2019, but thankfully some may find relief in cannabis edibles:

When you’re home sick, feeling miserable and confined to the couch, it’s helpful to have cannabis on hand. Beyond improving your mood and helping you sleep, medicinal cannabis products can also relieve inflammation and pain while balancing immunity.

…Many cannabinoids and terpenes have antibiotic effects. As for viruses, cannabinoids and terpenes alter immune response to viruses, either increasing or decreasing viral replication, depending on the study and virus.

…When you’re not feeling well, nursing a cup of hot tea with lemon juice and honey is the most basic method to get yourself back on the road to wellness. Using cannabis-infused honey is a welcome way to chase the blues away, allowing you to relax on the couch and get much-needed rest.

Click through for specific brands, some of which may be available to medical card holders in Michigan.

photo credit: Swiss cannabis ice tea by Chino y Stephy